Development and analysis of dynamic models

for natural and engineered biological systems


Principal investigators

Jan Baetens

Cellular automata, individual-based models, coupled-map lattices

Paul Van Liedekerke

Discrete Element Methods, particle-based methods, models for cell growth and bioreactors

Aisling Daly

Spatio-temporal modelling, individual-based modelling, population ecology, biodiversity metrics

PhD candidates

Tijs Alleman

Modeling of communicable disease dynamics for policymaking, health economics, control theory

Wissam Barhdadi

Population ecology, metabolic ecology, ecological modelling, individual-based modelling, ODEs, Python, HPC

AƤron Roex

Multiscale modelling, Agent-based modelling of intra and extracellular mechanics and chemical pathways

Michiel Rollier

Non-uniform cellular automata, mathematical epidemiology, Python

Thomas Van Giel

Mathematical modelling of invasion and higher-order interactions in ecosystems

Tim Van Wesemael

(Stochastic) dynamical systems on networks, mathematical epidemiology, opinion dynamics

Milan Vispoel

Cellular automata, discrete dynamical systems, spatio-temporal modelling, Python

Rita Verstraeten

Mathematical Modelling of vector-borne diseases, infectious disease epidemiology

Master students

Wannes Dewulf

Recognising and classifying beyond-elementary cellular automata with machine learning

Claire Gyselings

Multi-agent vaccination games on networks

Lotte Landuyt

Ontwikkeling van een continu en een ruimtelijk expliciet grondwaterstromingsmodel voor het boscomplex Steense Bossen, Nederland




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